Value Creation

STAR works with management to transform the nature of each business, aimed at highlighting, building and realising the value of their long-term cashflows by:

1. De-risking the Business

Converting assets / divisions of corporates into independent businesses and reducing operational, regulatory or market risk

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2. Strategic Repositioning

Transforming the business model to make the customer relationships stickier, for example by expanding the product offering and / or geographical footprint or converting services into asset-based businesses

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3. Driving Growth

Providing capital and resources to grow organically and/or through acquisitions creating diversification and synergies

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4. Tailoring Finance

Ensuring the business is equipped with an efficient and flexible capital structure

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Important Notice: we have become aware that an organisation with a similar name has been targeting individuals in the UK through unsolicited calls to make cryptocurrency investments. Our firm, STAR Capital Partnership LLP, does not engage in this type of activity.  Please see here for information on how to protect yourself from financial fraud and, if you have fallen victim to it, please report it to the UK Financial Conduct Authority by telephone or email: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/protect-yourself-scams.