About us

STAR is a private equity firm focused on building and developing businesses around strategic assets in Western Europe

The Partnership

Established in 1999, STAR looks for businesses or assets protected by a strong strategic position, located in Western Europe with enterprise value between €50 million and €1 billion. Certain capital intensive activities clearly demonstrate these characteristics. However, we have extensive experience in recognising and developing these qualities across the business spectrum.

We are an independent partnership, owned and managed by the senior partners and with the flexibility and capacity to make quick decisions. Our structure ensures the early involvement of the senior team and a continued focus on key decisions in each portfolio company.

STAR has rigorous protocols in place to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, as we regard ESG as inextricably linked to building long-term sustainable value in our investments. STAR’s polices are developed to take into account the specific activity of each portfolio company.

STAR is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (“PRI”).


Excellent track record

Over the years STAR has built up an excellent track record in value generation. The three most senior members of the team have worked together since inception and have been significantly involved in almost all STAR investments.

STAR is currently investing from the STAR III Fund.