STAR invests in businesses with strategic qualities that have attractive risk/reward dynamics

These businesses often have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A strong market position
  • Provide an essential service to end users
  • Defensible characteristics / high barriers to entry
  • Stable customer relationships
  • A valuable asset base
  • Medium to long-term contracts

STAR works with management to transform the nature of each business, aimed at highlighting, building and realising the value of their long-term cashflows by:

1. De-risking the Business

Converting assets / divisions of corporates into independent businesses and reducing operational, regulatory or market risk

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2. Strategic Repositioning

Transforming the business model to make the customer relationships stickier, for example by expanding the product offering and / or geographical footprint or converting services into asset-based businesses

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3. Driving Growth

Providing capital and resources to grow organically and/or through acquisitions creating diversification and synergies

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4. Tailoring Finance

Ensuring the business is equipped with an efficient and flexible capital structure

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STAR focuses on the strategic characteristics of a business rather than sectors. However, over the years, working alongside industry experts STAR has built up experience in a wide range of sectors including: